Skier Safety

HO Sports supports Safe Water Skiing and Boating, always wear your Coast Guard Approved Life Vest, follow the
rules on your waterway and adhere to all Warning Labels on your equipment. Thank You and have fun Water Skiing!

RAD / FAD Owners Manual

HO Sports Company Inc. Safety Statement

HO Sports is committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable, and user-friendly watersports products. At all levels of the company, HO Sports promotes responsibility and concern for the safety of our customers, employees, and the general public. Safety, quality, and reliability are critical performance measures for all HO Sports products.

It is our responsibility to understand the issues involving safety associated with our products, and to continually improve safety by:

Maintaining product design criteria and quality controls.
Engaging with consumers, dealers, manufacturers, professional athletes, and industry organizations.
Staying current with new regulations, industry-best practices, andmarketplace conditions.
Understanding operating hazards for all of a product's intended and foreseeable uses.

HO Sports' goal is to make each product safe for its intended uses when properly utilized, while maintaining the product's quality and integrity.