Sacha Descuns Joins The Syndicate!

The #5 ranked skier on the Waterski Pro Tour Leaderboard, Sacha Descuns, has signed on to join the Syndicate Team.

The main reason I am switching ski brands after all these years is the Syndicate Works 01 ski itself. In one word, it’s efficient. It’s always where it needs to be, giving me the right amount of angle and speed, while improving my transition from the 2nd wake to the buoy.” Sacha goes on, “The Syndicate is composed of passionate, dedicated, and skillful people. They do their best to help us skiers achieve our goals. I’m proud to become part of a ski and development team so high performing and full of talent.

Sacha Descuns on Joining the Syndicate Waterski Team

As the 10th skier to ever run into 43’off/36mph (9.75m/58k), Sacha has already claimed titles and stood on many podiums in his young career. His pro breakout came in 2018-2019, where he won titles at the 2018 European Championships, 2018 French Malibu Open and 2019 Mapple Pro-Am. In his last 3 healthy seasons, he racked up 12 more Pro tournament podiums. After a resurgent 2022, he currently sits 5th place on the Waterski Pro Tour Leaderboard.

“We are thrilled to welcome Sacha Descuns to the Syndicate Pro Team. Sacha’s style and prowess on the water have led him to heights few have ever reached on a water ski. We’re excited to see what he can unleash on a Syndicate.”

John Mommer, Syndicate Waterskis/HO Sports Marketing Director

Sacha joins a pro team stacked with both the current Mens and Womens Pro Tour Champions and 5 more ranked in the top 15. As Syndicate team skiers, they’re highly involved in the development of new Syndicate Waterski products.

Keep your eyes peeled for Sacha’s 2023 season debut on his new Syndicate Works 01 ski.

More About Sacha:

Hailing from Lourdes, a little town in the south of France, Sacha spent his childhood between lakes slalom skiing in the summers and snow skiing in the mountains for the winters.

His passion for precision tuning stems from another obsession, motorsports. Sacha taught himself to fix, upgrade and tune rally-cars and motorbikes. If not for skiing, Sacha maintains that his time would surely be fixed in motorsports.

One of only a small number of skiers ever to run the 41’off/36mph pass in a tournament, Descuns is a podium favorite every time he enters an event. After stellar 2018 and 2019 seasons, pro career was paused due to injury and the covid pandemic. His resurgent 2022 season was led by 2nd at the San Gervasio Pro-Am, 3rd at Fungliss Pro, 3rd at UK’s The Duel, and 3rd at the European Championships.

Try a Syndicate Ski now and feel why so many are making the switch! Go to to get started with no obligation.

Photos: John Mommer

Omega Max named 2021 Innovative Product of the Year!

Omega Max named 2021 Innovative Product of the Year!

March 1, 2022 Snoqualmie, WA

The Watersports Industry Association (WSIA) announced the Omega Max Series was selected as 2021 Innovative Product of the Year!
Awards were given out last weekend at the Leadership Summit in Squaw Creek, California.

Marketing Director from HO Sports John Mommer said the Omega Max program is part of HO Sports’ devotion towards environmental responsible manufacture. “We’re proud of our commitment to protecting our global playground through environmentally sustainable actions. Enjoying the outdoor environment is rooted in everything we do. We’re proud to expand our efforts toward cleaner, greener processes and products that protect the environment we live and play in. We’re committed to improving both product performance AND environmental performance through materials and manufacturing innovations. The Omega Max waterski series is a great blend of those two crucial concepts, and we’re thrilled efforts like this get recognized.”

The Omega Max series, including the Syndicate Omega Max, Carbon Omega Max & Women’s Carbon Omega Max combine HO Sports’ groundbreaking Eco-Performance Construction with an inclusive shape built for easy progression to a wide array of skiers.

The Syndicate Omega Max & Carbon Omega Max slalom waterskis are built with our proprietary Eco Performance Construction, containing 35% natural glycerin resin, a by-product of biodiesel production. This makes them quicker rebounding creating a lighter feel underfoot.

In slalom skiing, width is lift. The Omega Max shape is a wider variant of the Omega design, created to increase acceleration from turn to wakes. This allows big bodied skiers or those who prefer slower speeds to maintain enough lift and speed to ski an early tight line that would have only been achievable with a narrow bodied ski.

The Omega Max ski helped propel Adaptive Water Skier Elisha Nelson to a A2 World Slalom Record and she was named Adaptive Skier of the Year. It has also supported former Slalom World Record Holder Chris “The Tower” Parrish in his return to professional water skiing after serious neck surgery threatened his skiing career.

Elisha Nelson on her Carbon Omega Max

All in all, the Omega Max program and it’s ever progressing Eco-Performance Construction makes for a more inclusive product to get more people out on the water skiing their best on a ski that is on the forefront of responsible manufacture.

Chris Parrish and his Syndicate Omega Max

Omega Max skis are available now. Go to to see the full lineup and get yours!

To learn about more environmentally responsible HO Sports initiatives click here:

Elisha Nelson named 2021 Athlete of the Year

Elisha Nelson named 2021 Athlete of the Year

Elisha Nelson had a stellar 2021 season, propelling her to being named 2021 Adaptive Female Athlete of the Year by USA Waterski at the 100th Anniversary Award Gala January 29th. This is Nelson’s second consecutive Adaptive Athlete of the Year Award, being given the 2020 honors last January. Nelson was also named 2021 Pan-American Adaptive Athlete of the Year in the fall.

On August 27th at the California Pro-Am in Elk Grove, CA she broke the longstanding(21 years) record with
1-1/2 buoys, 52k (32mph), 18.25 m line (15’ off) beats the old record by 3-1/2 buoys on her new 2022 Carbon Omega Max ski & Syndicate Hardshell boot.

Nelson went on to break the Women’s A2 National Jump Record on Sept. 6 at the Shortline Lake Labor Day Record with a 33 feet/10.3 meter jump. Nelson currently holds Women’s A2 national records in slalom, tricks and jumping.

Nelson was born with a congenital arm amputation between her elbow and her wrist. Nevertheless, she set her records in the Women 3 division, competing against able-bodied women aged 35-44.

Her strength and resilience has lent way to proving that anything is possible as she continues to push her skiing to never before seen levels. Elisha’s set the world record on her 2022 Carbon Omega Max ski & Syndicate Hardshell boot.

See more from Elisha at

Check out the new 2022 Omega Max Series!



Jaimee Bull won the 2021 Waterski World Championships on Saturday, becoming the current Womens World Slalom Champion. Her amazing score of 2@41’off in the final round secured the title and broke the World Championships Record.

Jaimee edged out former world champions Regina Jaquess(4x) and Manon Costard(2019) who won silver and bronze in the 2021 Waterski World Championships.

Jaimee now stands firmly atop the Waterski Pro Tour standings after winning her first World Championships title, the US Masters, Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am, Stillwater Pro-Am, Lake 38 Pro-Am and placing 2nd at the US Open, Swiss Pro Slalom & Malibu Open.

According to longtime HO Skis poster-boy and waterski legend Wade Cox, Jaimee is the first HO Skis womens skier to ever take home a World Slalom Title. Big congratulations to Jaimee, her family, coaches and supporters. We’re stoked your hard work and dedication is paying off!

On the Mens side, Will Asher battled in a huge log-jam for the bronze medal. After running 3@41’off(10.25m) in the prelims, Asher and 6 others ran 3@41’off in the finals in a 7-way tie for 2nd. Due to a higher backup score, the silver went to Degasperi, but 5 had to run off for 3rd. Running 3@41’off in the runoff, Asher was once again tied causing a 2nd runoff. This time Asher ran 4@41’off to win the Bronze Medal. This marks Asher’s 2nd Bronze medal at a World Championships to go along with 2 Gold Medals and 3 Silver Medals from past World Championships.

Check out our recaps of the World Championships by Marcus Brown. Full video recap to come soon! Photos by John Mommer

2021 Syndicate Waterskis NCWSA Collegiate Nationals FlowPointTV story Submissions

FlowPointTV & Syndicate Waterskis want to feature YOU in this year’s FlowPoint Episode from the 2021 Syndicate Waterskis NCWSA Collegiate Nationals at Bennetts.  We are looking to tell your story, of how Collegiate Water skiing has impacted, changed or improved your life.

To submit your story, please choose ONE of the following questions to answer, but keep your response to 250 words or less:  


DUE DATE: Thursday, OCTOBER 14th

SEND RESPONSES TO:  [email protected]

We want to make this year’s episode the best one yet!  So thanks for being a part of this!  Looking forward to a wild weekend at Bennetts in October!

Check out the 2017 NCWSA Collegiate Nationals Flowpoint at Bennetts:


Jaimee Bull wins 6th Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am!

Jaimee Bull continued her stellar 2021 season with another win at the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am. With a wins at Hilltop, US Masters, Lake 38, Stillwater and 2nds at US Open & Swiss Pro; Jaimee sits firmly atop the Womens Leaderboard on the Waterski Pro Tour.

Watch the Finals of the 2021 Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am

Final Pairing at the 2021 Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am. Jaimee Bull vs. Manon Costard. Full Sunday Broadcast by TWBC

Mens Preliminary Syndicate Skiers:

Dave Wingerter, Travis Feldhanger, Benjamin Stadlbaur, Jon Travers & Chris Parrish gave it their all on Saturday’s pro mens perliminary rounds. Travers & Stadlbaur just missed the finals with 1@41’off, a buoy short of the cut while Chris Parrish ran the 2@41’off needed. but got edged out in the tie-break due to a lower backup score.

Mens Finals Syndicate Skiers:

Will Asher, Nick Adams & Rob Hazelwood represented Team Syndicate on Sunday in the Finals of the 6th Hilltop Pro-Am.

Womens Syndicate Skiers

Jill Knutson came out strong in the preliminary rounds on Saturday, forcing a run-off for the final spot in the finals with Karen Truelove
Allie Nicholson and Jaimee Bull represented Team Syndicate on Sunday in the Womens H2H finals of the 2021 Syndicate Hilltop ProAm
Full Saturday Broadcast of the 2021 Syndicate Hilltop Pro Am preliminary rounds
Full Sunday Broadcast of the 2021 Syndicate ProAm pro and amateur rounds


Jaimee Bull: 2021 Masters Champion

Images and words by John Mommer

Jaimee Bull became the 2021 Waterski Masters Champion today in Callaway Gardens, Georgia. This is her biggest pro title to date, putting her squarely as one of the top pro women skiers in the world. Her consistent [email protected]’off scores in the preliminary and final rounds propelled her to the prestigious title and highly exclusive Masters championship ring. Bull was the only pro womens slalom skier to run the 38’off pass in the finals and did so in full control.

Will Asher took 2nd in Pro Men Slalom

Will Asher won silver in what was possibly the most exciting and hard-fought men’s pro slalom final ever. Asher’s super-smooth 39.5’off pass was a thing of beauty. With a score to beat of 3.5 buoys at 41’off by Freddie Winter, Asher needed to tie the longstanding course record of 4@41’off(Chris Parrish, 2005) to take the lead. Excellent 1 and 2 balls set him up for a chance, however his slack at 3 provided too little angle to get his ski outside of 4. To end the event, Nate Smith equaled Asher’s 3@41’off, putting the top 3 finishes all within 1 buoy of the best score ever recorded at the Masters.

5 Syndicate Team Skiers qualified to compete in the Masters Pro Slalom events, a tremendous feat in itself!

Syndicate Teammates Jaimee Bull, Jon Travers, Will Asher, Rob Hazelwood & Allie Nicholson competed at the 2021 US Masters



Asher’s preliminary performance where he withstood a HUGE hit after 2 ball at 39.5’off but maintained speed, angle and composure caused many a dropped-jaw.

5 Syndicate Team skiers competed at the Masters this year, securing their spots at the brand new qualifying circuit.


Allie Nicholson came 1.5 buoys short of a finals berth, finishing with 4.5@38’off in the preliminary round.


Rob Hazelwood looked great in his first pro Masters appearance, but after a very late gate, he unfortunately lost the handle while finger-tipping his reach into [email protected]’off in the prelims.


Jon Travers, knowing [email protected]’off would qualify him for the finals, elected to opt-up to a 38’off tailwind pass. This would provide him a head-wind 39.5’off pass, with relatively calm water up until 5 ball. The wind-filled start to 38’off resulted in too much slack at 2 to get him through the pass. Jon ended with 4@38’off, but due to the opt-up officially 4@35’off.

Congratulations to the Syndicate Skiers on their performances at the Masters. Also a special shout-out to Freddy Krueger who won his 14th Masters Jump title, tying the late great Andy Mapple for most victories ever.



[Snoqualmie, WA May 10th, 2021] –

HO Sports is pleased to announce the 6th annual Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am Water Ski tournament in Arlington, Washington, August 21st and 22nd, 2021. 

The top professional slalom skiers in the world will compete alongside aspiring junior and local amateur skiers, combining the family-friendly atmosphere of water skiing with one of the largest cash prize events of the summer!

Thanks to generous contributions by local skiers, the women’s grand prize and purse will exceed the men’s for 2021! 

With total payouts over $34,000, HO Sports is excited to welcome the world’s best slalom skiers to beautiful Hilltop Lake for a weekend of intense water ski competition and fun!

Women’s Purse $18,000 (6,350 Grand Prize)

Men’s Purse: $16,000 ($5,350 Grand Prize)

Tournament Sponsors:

Syndicate Waterskis

Miles Sand and Gravel

Pacific Nautique

Hilltop Lake Skiers & Friends including:

The Skoog Family, Bruce Brown, Ed Gill, Shannon Strickland, Andrew Jones, Dave & Rachelle Woodcook, Dennis Phillips, Paul D Alessandro, Lisa & Ally Thoms, Dave Eisman, Steve Miller

Tune in to the Waterski Broadcasting Company’s live webcast during the event

Tournament Info:

Hilltop ProAm 1:

Hilltop ProAm 2:

To Enter as Pro skier contact [email protected]

Pro format TBD

Check out Highlights from the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am through the years:

2020 Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am/PNW Adventure
The 2019 Hilltop Pro-Am H2H nail biter between Chris Parrish and Cole McCormick
2018 Syndicate Hilltop Highlights
2017 Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am Highlights

Syndicate Shines at Swiss Pro Slalom

Syndicate Shines at Swiss Pro Slalom

Photography & Words: John Mommer

The first pro waterski event of the year kicked off over the weekend at Swiss Waterski Resort in Clermont, Florida. With the dock pro-skier packed, the Syndicate team came out firing on all cylinders, scoring big which resulted in 50% of the mens finals filed riding Syndicate Waterskis.

In his pro debut, Rob Hazelwood put on a show by running 3 buoys at 41’off(10.25m) in back to back preliminary rounds. As one of the lowest initial seeds, Rob remained on the top of the leaderboard for most of the first round as the majority of the field were swallowed in the 39’off(10.75m) bottleneck. On the day, Hazelwood ran 39’off every single round including in the finals. Rob’s 1@41’off finals score put him in 8th place after all was said and done. Had he run 3@41’off like he did in both prelim rounds, he would have been added to the 4-way runoff for first place, with his cousin and Syndicate team-mate Will Asher. “Everything just came together at the right time and I had by far the most fun I’ve ever had on a slalom ski”, said Rob following his epic pro debut. Rob looked absolutely dialed on his 2021 66” Syndicate Pro/Syndicate Hardshell setup. We anticipate seeing much more from young Hazelwood as he aims at continuing his efforts on the Pro Waterski Tour.

On the Women’s side, Jaimee Bull established herself early with strong scored into 39.5” off(10.75m) in each of the preliminary rounds, running 38’off with relative ease. In the final, Jaimee’s 39’off pass was off to a fantastic start with her strength and timing dialed. Her finals score of 4@39’off put a lot of pressure on 7-time champion Regina Jaquess, who managed to fight for the extra ¼ buoy to just edge Jaimee out of the title. Congratulations to Jaimee on her tremendous 2nd place finish!

Rob’s aforementioned cousin, Will Asher also had a big weekend, running 2.5@41’off and 3@41’off in the preliminary rounds before tying the 3@41’off lead in the finals. Will looked as smooth and calculated as ever, just tripping up at 3ball after an epic start to 41’off on his Syndicate Omega. Will’s consistency at 39’off, even running it in the cold-39 tie-breaker round proved enough for a 3rd place finish in the men’s division.

Swiss native Benjamin Stadlbaur put up a strong 3@41’off score in the prelims to clinch a finals berth at his homesite. Looking relaxed and confident in his Sam-Elliot style mustache, Beny ran 39’off and came up just inside of 3 ball in the finals, giving him a 2@41’off score and a 6th place finish. Jon Travers hasn’t let fatherhood slow him down, absolutely stroking 39’off every round, putting up 2@41’off in all 3 rounds of the tournament, resulting in a 7th place finish on his 2021 Syndicate PRO.

Allie Nicholson took home a Waterski Pro Tour point after finishing 8th place in pro womens slalom. Allie was off to a great start, running 38’off which would qualify for the finals. However, due to a mandatory re-ride from the new sure-path system and rules, Allie’s 38 was unprotected. Unfortunately Allie wasn’t able to run 38 twice back-to-back, pushing her out of the finals field. Allie’s resilience will be on display at the upcoming Masters qualifiers beginning this coming weekend at the first stop.

Manon Costard and Landon Geels took home the $500 Strongest Pull Bonus for putting the most tension on the Syndicate Knotless Mainline during the event.

Check out the full Waterski Broadcasting Company’s webcast HERE:

Nick Adams wins his 5th National Title!

Nick Adams, Syndicate’s longtime Australian frontman, recieved on of the most valued titles in the southern hemisphere, the Australian National title. With the 2021 Moomba Masters and 2020 Australian Nationals cancelled due to Covid19 shutdown, record crowds lined the shorelines of the Open finals.

Adams describes the experience, “It had just been that one event that’s eluded me for a few years. It had also been a long 24 months, with last year’s Nationals being canceled. Even though I was coming back from an injury, I was skiing the best I ever had on my Syndicate PRO prior. It was one that I didn’t want to miss and have to wait another 12 months to try and capture.”

Nick has now won an astounding 5 National Titles.

“This one is much more valued to me personally than the other 4 combined. “

After a score of [email protected] (39 off) in the final, Nick was tied for 1st place with young-gun Jack Christie. This triggered a sudden-death run-off for the title, with both skiers starting off the dock at 11.25m (38′ off). Having been an hour since their last passes, this would be a true ice-cold start.

Winning the coin toss, Christie elected to go first, running 38’off and scoring [email protected] (39.5′ off). Nick also ran his cold 38’off opener, and after a fantastic start at 10.75m, rounded the 3 ball, to secure the win and 5th National Slalom Title.

“I had every intention to run it, it was a great start, but once I went around the 3, the emotions just took over.” 

Nick and Jack all smiles after their runoff for the title

In recent years, Nick had worked hard to coach Jack’s skiing. Both being on the Syndicate Pro Team, it was an extra sweet and emotionally charged ending taking gold and silver. In addition, Nationals being hosted at both Nick & Jack’s home-state provided friends and family the opportunity to witness the epic dual.

Tom Ryan took 4th at the 2021 Australian National Championships

All in all, Syndicate skiers made up 3 of the top 4 spots, with Tom Ryan finishing in 4th place. Congratulations to all of the skiers, to now 5-time champ Nick Adams, Jack Christie and Tom Ryan for representing Australia and the Syndicate proudly!

Ride what Nick is on, the 2021 Syndicate PRO (Mark II)
2021 Syndicate Omega (Mark I)

See more from the Syndicate Team HERE: