Nick Adams Dares, Wins Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am H2H finals

Nick Adams Dares, Wins Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am H2H finals

The immaculate Hilltop Lake in Arlington, Washington was the stage of a beautiful blue-bird weekend of skiing and fun that saw skiers of all ages push themselves to new heights. This 4 round class R event had beginner and intermediate skiers sharing the dock with some of the world’s top professional slalom skiers. To kick it off, on Friday and Saturday evenings, skiers took the opportunity to get a first look at the new Syndicate PRO ski and even had a chance to ride the all new model in a 66” for themselves. On Sunday, 3 of the world’s top skiers would face-off on the new design giving spectators one heck of a show.

Nick Adams Dares, Wins

Nick Adams Dares, Wins

39’s were dropping like flies. Coque huawei Outlet Leading up to the 4-man pro bracket, Will Asher, Jon Travers and Adams looked strong in the early going on their new Syndicate PRO skis, missing no 39.5’off passes all weekend.

“I’ve never ran so many 39’s in a row in my life!”, harped Jon Travers. All in all, he, Asher and Adams ran six 39s each with no failed attempts. The finals would be no different. While Travers continued the impressive streak of vanquished 39s, his 2@41 wasn’t quite enough to stay ahead of Nick Adams who stretched past him with 3 to advance and meet 2015 & 2016 Hilltop Pro-Am Champion Will Asher in the final. Electing to go out second, Asher left the decision to choose starting rope length to Adams who chose to run down the entire rope from 32’off, giving the two a potential tailwind 41’off pass. Coque pour Huawei A bold move after all of the earlier shortline ski sets (their 5th in 2 days) with the wind picking up, Adams & Asher ran their 39.5’off pass beautifully setting up the 41-tail we’d all been waiting for. Unfazed, Adams had an excellent start to 41, getting pushed down course slightly but maintained angle enough to stretch his ski outside of 3-ball in a daring display of #WhoDaresWins. offre Coque Huawei With soaring confidence from his first 3 set scores of 3@41, 4.5@41, and 3@41 Asher faced a tricky start, seemingly picking up a little too much speed coming into 1, managing to recover and make it around 2 but not quite enough to get out past 3, surrendering victory to Mr. Adams.

Nick Adams reigned supreme at the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am, taking home 4k and besting team-mates Will Asher(2nd) and Jon Travers(3rd)

Nick Adams reigned supreme at the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am, taking home $4k and besting team-mates Will Asher(2nd) and Jon Travers(3rd)

Motivated further, Asher and Travers strapped their Syndicate PROs back on for one more record set. Displaying his ability and trademark quickness, Jon Travers continued to make 39.5” off look routine. His final round score of 3@41, matched his day 1 score although onlookers seemed certain he’d run it based on his easy 39s and extremely solid starts at 41. Asher employed his signature onside turns, ripping powerfully through 41’off all the way to just inside of 6-ball, giving him 5@41’off the top score on the weekend to end on a high note.

Also notable on the weekend was young-gun Jaimee Bull’s stellar skiing on the Syndicate PRO in the Pro Womens division. Jaimee continued to transcend from up-and-comer to contender by eclipsing 38’off in all 4 rounds at Hilltop, ultimately ending with 2@39.5”off as Pro Women’s Champion.

Nick Adams with his new Syndicate Pro

After the event concluded, we asked the new champion Nick Adams for his final thoughts on the event:

HO: What are your takeaways from the weekend.

Adams: I get to ski a lot of sites all over the world and this place still is one of my favorites on the calendar. Coque pour Huawei The people, the skiers, are what makes this event for me. Everyone that was there, really loves to ski, and that creates a supportive environment for skiers to do their best. At the end of the day, we’re all there to compete, but I really got the sense that everyone wanted to see each other ski their best.

HO: Run through the Head-to-Head Pro Finals. What was going through your mind?

Adams: I didn’t want to shy away for the opportunity that presented itself. Everyday that I go out and ski, I’m trying to train for the chances like that. I had it in my mind all weekend, I wanted to be the best I could be when it was time to go on Sunday. coque samsung a8 2018 I’m super thankful for the team I have around me; family, sponsors, and training crew to get me ready to be where I needed to be for the weekend. I just need to continue to build from it and keep learning. I know I always want to work to improve myself as a skier.

HO: Any other thoughts?

Adams: I cannot thank all the judges and officials enough. The tournament does not run without them.

Who Dares Noodle – The definitive Nick Adams interview

Who Dares Noodle? The definitive Nick Adams interview

Photos and words by John Mommer

I sat down with Australian slalom phenom Nick Adams aka “Noodleba” for coffees (or Peppermint Latte’s as Nick prefers), to discuss what it’s like to be the globe-trotting waterskiing sport fanatic from down-under that he is.

Who Dares Noodle

Mommer: Where do you ski? Describe your global travels and where you shred most.

Noodle: Classic Endless Summer. During the U.S Summers I’ve been lucky enough to be based in beautiful Hobe Sound, Florida, and during the Aussie Summer, I’m based on a ski site, near the Albury-Rutherglen winery region on the Murray River. However, these days scheduling has become crazy, so they’re purely my home-bases depending on the season.

Tournaments, coaching and skiing-related travel in general this year has taken me all over North America; California, Canada, NY, Washington, you name it. And I’ve just got off the road from a 6 week, every-day tour of clinics in near every state of Australia.


Mommer: Season highlights? What was your main accomplishment this year?

Noodle: This season really was a roller coaster; we had some tough lows and some amazing highs. Podium at one of my favorite events at Hilltop in Washington, along with equaling my PB deep into 41 off (10.25m) are the first things to come to mind.

This year for me, was more a year where I did a lot of `behind the scenes` work to improve my skiing. I completely flicked the switch on my off-water training. A lot of my cardio workouts were continued and fine-tuned, but I switched what I did in terms of strength conditioning. Whether it’s diet, off-water or on-water particulars, each year I’m always looking to improve different parts of my game to be the best skier I can possibly be.It sounds lame, but I never want to stop learning.

Mommer: That doesn’t sound lame. Maybe you’d have held down your lunch better at that Crossfit challenge at Lake Powell years back, which you by the way did pretty good at. You’re one fast swimmer. [Click HERE to see Lake Powell Flowpoint featuring Nick Adams).

Gnar Kill on the VTX

Gnar Kill on the VTX

Mommer: What keeps you on the lake? Why do you like to ski?

Noodle: Well JM2, it has nothing to do with the slalom course. Let’s put it that way. The second I feel that boat pulling me away and allowing me to walk on water, any worries I had on land disappear. There’s nothing else like it. It’s the only sport I’ve ever played where I am completely `in the moment`. You have to be. I also love the family aspect of our sport.


Mommer: And now it’s your day-to-day?

Noodle: Haha. If I thought of it as a ‘day-to-day’, I wouldn’t be here. I love what I do. A lot of people say to me “Ugh, you’re so, so lucky to do what you do!” and I agree… I am super lucky, but they often have little idea of the sacrifices that have to be made. There’s a lot of different ways things could have gone for me up until this point in time. I want to be here. Remember, I wasn’t born anywhere near a lake, I didn’t grow up with a boat in my backyard. Haha in some ways, I’m not even supposed to be here. I should be in an office of a high-rise building in Melbourne somewhere, watching Moomba from my desk cubicle. (FYI: Nick grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne suburbs, 30 minutes from the Moomba Masters ski site).

Noodle on the VTX at OWC in Orlando, FL 2016

Noodle on the VTX at OWC in Orlando, FL 2016

Mommer: Tell us about your new Syndicate VTX. What do you like most about it?

Noodle: To be honest, I think it’s fantastic. The blend we’ve been able to put together, taking arguably the best parts from what we learnt about the A Series, all the way up through to the V Type, has really come together to produce a ski that we’re going to see a lot of PB’s done on. The success I’ve already seen in skiers that I’ve coached has blown me away. The fact that we have the width-profile of the A-1, alone, (which is such a celebrated ski worldwide) is a credit to the R&D on this beast.

Mommer: You’re an Aussie, yet you’re sports fanatic for American Sports like football and basketball. Whats with that? Who are your favorite teams?

Noodle: Ha. Well doesn’t it come with being into sports? I like a lot of international sports such as the Australian Cricket team, the Tennis Majors, and the Australian Rules Football. But I follow the Pro leagues because I spend so much time in the U.S. This is a dangerous question, because I know a lot of people will ride on me about my answers.

NBA: Miami Heat, for life, pre and post LeBron James.

NFL: I gotta have some love for the Miami Dolphins because they’re the somewhat local team, but I really do love the Seattle Seahawks. Always have.

College football: Michigan

College Basketball: soft spots for Kansas, & UNC.

AFL: St Kilda Saints

Premier League: Man City.


Mommer: What does #WhoDaresWins mean to you?

Noodle: Well, I think like a lot of Aussies, the fear-factor style TV Show does come to mind, but in general, especially with it becoming popular as the motto of the guy who founded the Special Air Service in WWII (David Stirling), to me it’s more like a quote I really like; ‘Fate rewards the brave.’ It’s definitely something I relate to with skiing.

Hall of Famer Wade Cox Brings Slalom Skiing back to OWC!

learn from legend1

Hall of Famer Wade Cox Brings Slalom Skiing back to OWC!

Learn From A Legend!

Waterski Hall-of-Famer, Pro ski champion and longtime HO Sports poster-boy Wade Cox brings decades of unmatched waterski understanding to the fold. With 45 Professional Slalom victories and dozens of world & national records to his name, Wade will unleash his extensive wealth of knowledge to skiers by offering coaching lessons at the Orlando Watersports Complex. coque samsung s8 Teaming up with HO Sports, Nautique Boats and Aktion Parks, the boat lake at OWC will feature a Nautique 200 and a full line of HO and Syndicate skis to Demo. produits coque huawei Click here to book now!

[From Correct Craft Press Release]:

ORLANDO, FL – Today Aktion Parks announced the return of slalom skiing to Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) with a new partnership with hall of famer and water ski legend, Wade Cox.

This partnership will allow skiers the opportunity to train with Cox behind the industry leading Ski Nautique 200 on a brand new slalom course on OWC’s boat lake. OWC’s long history of waterskiing and its centralized location paired with Cox’s unique coaching style provide skiers the convenience of professional instruction at a quality site just minutes from the airport and other Orlando landmarks.

One of the most successful slalom skiers of his era, Wade Cox’s legendary career boasts 47 professional slalom victories including three Masters’ championships and a former U.S. coque samsung galaxy national slalom record.

Wade Cox commented, “I have many great memories skiing at OWC during my professional career including a crazy runoff with Andy Mapple which makes this partnership that much more special for me. coque samsung galaxy pas cher I absolutely loved skiing here and I’m super excited to share my passion and knowledge of the sport with a new generation.”

Coaching sessions will be available Tuesday through Friday from 8am to noon, or by appointment. A 30-minute coaching session with Cox will cost $80 and can be booked online at or by calling OWC at 407-251-3100.


About HO Sports:

We at HO Sports are known for our limitless imagination and continuous innovation of the products, ideas, expertise and desire that keep you on the water living life to the fullest. Our rich history of creating industry defining technologies and revolutionary gear is fueled by our passion to do what we love. WE INNOVATE so that YOU can ELEVATE your game to make every single experience on the water unforgettable.

About Aktion Parks:

Aktion Parks, a subsidiary of Correct Craft, delivers customers an active, watersports lifestyle that is safe, healthy, family friendly, and environmentally conscious. Aktion Parks owns and operates both Miami Watersports Complex and Orlando Watersports Complex, two of the largest cable wakeboard parks in the U.S. coque pas cher samsung s8 and two of the most recognized parks in the world.

Will Asher WINS 2013 US Masters

HO Skis Syndicate front-man Will Asher claimed his 5th Masters victory this past weekend, solidifying his position as the #1 slalom skier in the world. As he held off the competition heading into the finals in a 3 way tie with the likes of fellow Syndicate skier Jon Travers and Nate Smith, Will took full advantage of his Syndicate A3 Pro Model ski by putting up a score of 2@41 off, which eclipsed the previous lead by a full pass.

Will Asher’s gameface on the starting dock at the 2013 US Masters

The highly esteemed US Masters title cannot be overstated as many of the world’s best strive for a shot at qualifying for the prestigious event, let alone making the finals in hopes of taking home the gold.

Will Electrifies the audience as he slashes through an offside turn on Robin Lake

“As a child I was motivated by my dreams and goals, but I never imagined my dream could go this far. Winning one Masters title is a dream come true. Coque pour Huawei Winning 5 is beyond words.” Said Will.

Asher kisses his top supporter after he’s crowned the victor!

When asked what it takes to accomplish such a feat, Will stated, “Winning the Masters is not possible alone. It requires amazing sponsors, an unreal ski, and a team that never stops believing.”

The accolades continue to pile up for Will Asher and the Syndicate A3, having accumulated championships, records, and titles since the A3’s release late last season. coque samsung pas cher Directly following the US Masters, Will took Silver at the Atlanta Pro-Am, adding further confidence in an already highly charged season.

“Will Asher is one of the most prolific skiers ever. coque huawei soldes He has always been a clutch performer mentally, and now with the confidence he has on his proven pro model A3, he is quite unstoppable”, says John Mommer, Marketing Director and Team Manager of HO Skis.

Other HO Skis Masters highlights:

Jon Travers and April Coble-Eller took 4thplace in Men’s and Women’s slalom after stunning semi-finals performances that advanced them into the finals.

Jon Travers put up the top score in the semi finals, which remained un-bested until the end of the finals.

April Coble-Eller slashed her way into the 2013 US Masters finals

Breanne Dodd made her first US Masters appearance at the pro level, which as we mentioned earlier, is a terrific achievement in itself.

Breanne Dodd greeted by her husband after her first pro masters appearance.

Marta Simoes gave a stunning performance in the Junior Girls division, as she fought through the challenging weather conditions in the semi-final rounds on her Syndicate S2 and came second in the head-to-head finals by only 1 buoy.

Marta Simoes shredded through the choppy first day conditions en route to a silver medal in the junior women’s finals.

About HO Sports

HO Sports is a manufacturer of premium waterski and towable watersports equipment. Based in Snoqualmie, WA, HO has been a pioneer in the watersports industry for over 30 years. coque iphone pas cher The company produces revolutionary waterski products that are the result of thousands of hours of research and development from an innovative team of designers, athletes and manufacturers.

The HO Syndicate show up big at the Orlando Extreme Watersports Festival

Sunset slalom swerving puts JT at a mental advantage. He takes full advantage with 2@41 off

Sunset slalom swerving puts JT at a mental advantage. coque samsung galaxy s8 He takes full advantage with 2@41 off

Story/Photos: John Mommer

The Orlando Extreme Watersports Festival blasted off this weekend and gave spectators a serious eyeful of Slalom Skiing, coque telephone samsung Jumping, Wakeboarding, and more. Coque Huawei P10 In the slalom event, coque huawei pas cher HO Skis saw some tremendous consistency in its team as 5 Syndicate Skiers made it into the top 10 final including Jon Travers(3rd), Will Asher(4th), Coque pour Huawei pas cher Terry Winter, Pietari Ronkko, and Brian Detrick.

Will Aser awaits his shot at the prize in the Finals.

Will Asher awaits his shot at the prize in the Finals.


Jon Travers had an impressive night by getting into a 3 way run-off for first place with 2@41’off but was overcome by the pitch-black conditions of the final run-off, going down earlier than he hoped for and ending up with bronze. In the finals, the World #1 ranked skier Will Asher went for gold by turning 2 and headed for 3 for the win but popped the handle, thereby falling short of the 3 way first place tie by a half buoy.


Jon Travers sets the score to beat, which is never beat.

Jon Travers sets the score to beat, which is never beat.
Will Asher, #1 Skier in the world, goes for broke every time he sets foot on the water.

Will Asher, #1 Skier in the world, goes for broke every time he sets foot on the water.

Jon Travers gameface before his night final run-off

Jon Travers’ gameface before his night final run-off

Pietari Ronkko made his pro finals debut with a truly impressive score of 2@41’ off in the prelims, effectively shattering his own Finnish National Slalom record he set early this year. Terry Winter and Brian Detrick impressed by making the finals in the hot, slow Florida water having had the handicap of skiing in the west coast’s cold,

17 year old Marta Simoes wins U21 European Championships

17 year old Marta Simoes blazed a trail to victory at the U21 Eurpoeans

HO Skis is proud to congratulate Marta Simoes on her Gold Medal at the U21 European Championships in Linkoping, coque samsung s8 Sweden. Coque pour Huawei Marta, who is only 17 years old and the youngest competitor in the U21 women’s division, took the title by running 1 buoy at 38’off on her Syndicate S2.

Ms. coque iphone for sale Simoes mid turn-and-burn

In 2012 Marta broke through on the junior scene by winning the U17 Europeans and later placed second in the head-to-head finals at the Junior US Masters in May 2013. Proudly representing her home country of Portugal, coque de telephone samsung galaxy j5 Marta’s future on the world waterski scene shines extremely bright.

Marta stoked after her win,

Will Asher named 2013 Skier of the Year

In light of his tremendous 2012 and 2013 seasons, HO Syndicate front-man Will Asher was awarded the distinction of Slalom Skier of the Year by Waterski Magazine at the Waterski Awards this past weekend.

Asher’s 2013 season can be described as nothing short of legendary, as he sits firmly atop the world as #1 on the Elite Skier’s ranking list by way of victories at the US Masters, coque iphone pas cher Palembang World Cup, Diablo Shores Pro-Am, Coque pour Huawei and Australian Open, second at the Atlanta Pro-Am, and bronze at Soaked and the 2012 Malibu Open. coque samsung s8 This past weekend Will added to his resume by swerving his way through to the head-to-head super finals at the 2013 Malibu Open, taking silver.

This weekend also saw hard work and recognition from another Syndicate team Skier, coque samsung s8 April Coble-Eller. coque iphone occasion April was awarded “Waterski Ambassador of the Year” for her tireless efforts in organizing the Pro Ski Tour and Malibu Open as well as running Coble’s Ski School, which sees more students than any other ski school in the world.

Skiing Korea: Will & John’s Excellent Adventure

By Eric Butterman Photos: John Mommer **Published in Waterski Magazine

They’ll do anything to get on the water — give them skis and they’re ready to go. In fact, pro skiers are practically legends to them. No, this isn’t the Orlando water-ski scene, unless you consider South Korea the Orlando of Asia. John Mommer, marketing director and team manager for HO Sports and Will Asher, who Waterski Magazine named male slalom skier of the year in 2011 and 2013, found a country bursting with enthusiasm for water skiing — not unlike the ’90s ski-club scene in the United States. The South Koreans they encountered had a burning desire to learn anything and everything about the sport. Both of these men came back invigorated by what they had seen — and Asher even managed to try a few new dishes at the urging of the more gastronomically adventurous Mommer. So when you’re considering your next water-ski jaunt, think of all of the reasons why South Korea just might be the place.

Passion for Progression
Mommer says he hadn’t seen uninhibited positivity toward the sport like this in a long time. “They’re like sponges, who want to absorb every bit of ski information you give them,” he says. “Because they don’t regularly receive water-ski magazines or instructionals, it’s all from what they see in pictures and brochures that come with the new products. During our visit, there was intense excitement. Samsung coque When we’d tell them something about the sport, they’d crowd around, take pictures and take notes. They’d watch Will demonstrate a motion, they’d practice onshore all day long, and then try and emulate it when they got their shot on the water. It was fun to witness.”

Asher was equally moved by their passion for progression. “They really focused when I was with them,” he says. “I had a goal of just getting them to love the sport even more and to challenge themselves.” He added that he was impressed by how some just had a natural instinct for it and could succeed sometimes in spite of having less than optimal form. “They seemed to find their own way of doing it,” he says. “You could tell they had practiced a lot and weren’t going to let anything stop them from improving.”

Ski Clubs Thrive
Mommer says that if there’s a body of water, then there will likely be a water-ski club. “It has a similar vibe to what I experienced growing up skiing. There are a lot of big lakes and rivers in South Korea, and that’s how people are being introduced to the sport,” Mommer says. “It’s very similar to how it was [in the United States] 20 years ago, where a club would have one boat and tons of club involvement. If you love to ski, they will love you!” Asher and Mommer’s visit included stops at the K2 Ski Club on the Hapcheon Lake in Gyeongsangnam-do and the Yeonggwang water-ski camp on Bulgap Lake in Jeollanam-do; both lakes are located in southwest South Korea.

A Pro Haven
Will Asher would likely find himself with few autograph seekers in his native United Kingdom if David Beckham were walking down the same street. But in South Korea, it may be Mr. Beckham who would feel like the lonely one out. “I was absolutely surprised by their response to me,” Asher says. “It felt really great. They made me feel so welcome.” Mommer says that the South Koreans looked at Asher like he was a rock star. achat coque samsung pas cher “They could name 10 top skiers right of the bat,” he says. coque iphone for sale “They would ask about the difference in their styles and which one I liked best, whose style they were most similar to, who was better, etc. It was fascinating to see their hunger for information.”

The South Loves Slalom
South Koreans love their slalom. “They aspire to get to a top level,” Mommer says. “They lay it all out on the line, and even when you’d see somebody stack or not ski up to their full potential, they’d come out of the water with a smile, excited for their next set — it’s unique in how they have hard-core competitiveness but are also always positive. That excited me and rejuvenated my drive to ski as many sets as possible, even if I’d be of at times. They’re motivated by championships, but also by the more intrinsic passion of skiing for sheer enjoyment of the sport.”

Amazing Lake Views
If you’re looking for an unusual backdrop, you’ve skied to the right place at Hapcheon Lake. After all, how many times do you get to enjoy your favorite pastime among mountain and jungle landscapes? “I never thought I would ski among mountains during a Korean sunset. It was not on my bucket list, but it definitely should’ve been,” Mommer says. coque samsung pas cher People were lining the shores to watch Asher, and mist was rising of the tips of the mountains, he says. “There was also a temple overlooking the lake, and it had a beach on one side with fishermen hoping for that early-morning catch. On the other side, you have a huge rock wall, 150 feet high. Unique, beautiful, breathtaking.”

Buddhist Monks Rip
Mommer and Asher learned that you never know who you might meet. “At the K2 Ski Club, we met an 81-year-old slaloming monk named Beop Su,” Mommer says. “He’d taken up slalom skiing 13 years prior, and could now cut the wakes, make turns and really charge hard. He even had a fellow monk skiing partner, Do Ol, who had been introduced to skiing by Beop Su three years prior. Willy was honored to give them some pointers and a close-up view of what 41 off looks like.” Mommer and Asher were able to ask the monks, through a translator, what they like most about skiing. “They told us it was the fun, the exercise and the tranquility of gliding across the water that they enjoyed,” Mommer says. “When we were done, they simply took of their life jackets, exchanged their wet swimsuits for robes and walked back up into the mountains.”

Skiing’s a Lifestyle and a Sport
The two travelers agreed that, of all the skiers they’ve encountered, South Koreans are among the best at understanding that it’s more about helping each other grow in the sport than competition. “They were much less about themselves,” Mommer says. “You could see that they were really into what other people were doing and were very encouraging in helping others learn.” Asher witnessed the unity among the club members as well. “They were enjoying the lifestyle of skiing — just being on the lake and not having that cutthroat feeling that you see too much of the time.”

But that isn’t to say that they’re not competitive. The Korean Water Ski Federation puts on the Open Slalom Ski Competition, the largest slalom event in the country, and the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation held the 2010 World Cup event in Chuncheon, in the northeastern part of the country.

Nick Adams Wins Australian Masters

Nick Adams Wins the 2013 Australian Masters, his first pro event on the Syndicate A3

Nick Adams and his new Syndicate A3 have found their partnership rewarding.

Syndicate’s Nicholas Adams, etui samsung a8 2018 aka Noodleba, continued his hot-streak this past weekend by winning the 2013 Australian Masters held in Bridgewater, coque samsung s7 pas cher Victoria and also scored 5@39.5’off the previous weekend in a tournament in Mildura, Coque iphone which is the best score run in Australia by an Australian, ever.

This makes nick a 6 time Australian Masters Open-Men’s Champion. Nick exploded on the scene this past season by breaking the Australian Slalom record with 4@41’off, coque de samsung galaxy s3 thereby propelling him to a current ranking of 7th in the world on the IWSF World Rankings list.

“I’m happy I was able to get it done. I Saw it all as a challenge and went even though I had been really sick all week. coque iphone outlet store So I’m happy to come away with the W.”

Congratulations to Nick and his victory.

Frankie Panno graces Aussie Waterski Mag!

It’s no secret that Frankie go’s the biggest, coque pas cher samsung s8 but the word is now out down-under. Coque pour Huawei Check out Frankie Panno’s huge feature story in Australia’s Waterski Magazine.


WestBound&Down_1 WestBound&Down_2

Learn more about Frankie Panno by visiting his Athlete page here. Check out his new Panno-Shock pad that help cushion impact and helps you go huge here. View Frankie’s Pro Model Kneeboard,