Syndicate Team comes up BIG at Malibu Open. 40% of top 10 men on Syndicate PRO

Syndicate Team comes up BIG at Malibu Open. coque samsung pas cher 40% of top 10 men on Syndicate PRO

The HO Syndicate Team was in full force this past weekend at the Malibu Open, held at Trophy Lakes in Charleston, SC. coque imprimé huawei pas cher After being rescheduled due to an algea problem at the original site in Milwaukee, WI, the Malibu Open saw HO skiers Will Asher, Jon Travers, Nick Adams, Matteo Luzzeri and Jaimee Bull enter the pro field on their new Syndicate PRO skis.

travers Malibu1

Every HO Skier who entered made it through to Round 2, with 40% of the top 10 mens skiers riding the 2018 Syndicate PRO.

The now beard-less Matteo Luzzeri started off the weekend strong, running a solid 2@41′off/36mph score, placing him squarely into Round 2. coque Samsung Galaxy S8 His second day showed great consistency, as he ran 1.5@41, good enough for 10th place!

Nick Adams made the cut, running .5@41 in the prelims and 2@41 the second day, only to be bumped from the Round 3 by backup score alone. Great skiing from our Aussie phenom, who walked away with 9th place.

Will Asher, no stranger to high cut-lines, ran 3@41 in Round 1, 2.5@41 in Round 2 and 1.5@41 in the final round, putting him in 6th place for the weekend and in the $$.

Jon Travers was on fire at this years Malibu Open, running stellar scores round after round. Round 1 saw JT score an impressive 3@41′ off, while Round 2 kept him in play with 2@41. Samsung coque a8 In the final round, Travers ran the top score of 3@41′off, placing him in a tie for first place with GBR’s Freddie Winter and prompting a sudden death head to head round 4 tiebreaker. Ultimately, Jon would walk away with the 2nd place win, propelling him event further up the Elite World Rankings List (currently now in 4th).

On the Women’s side, young-gun Jaimee Bull continued her strong skiing by running 3@38′off/34mph and 5@38, placing her on the podium and in the money with a 5th place check.

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