Jon Travers wins Lake 38 Pro-Am after running 4@41 in the rain!

Jon Travers wins Lake 38 Pro-Am after running 4@41 in the rain!

The first annual Lake 38 Pro-Am, held outside of Talahassee, FL on June 9 -10th was the stage for an epic slalom battle between two top Syndicate pro skiers: Jon Travers & Will Asher. Coming into the finals,Travers had two rounds of 2@41’off/36mph under his belt in Saturday’s preliminary rounds. His scores propelled him in joining fellow Syndicate teammates Beny Stadlbaur & Will Asher who along with 3 other skiers ran 3@41’off going into the 8-man final round on Sunday. Unlucky for Jon, the early finals seeds faced heavy rain that tapered off as the finals drew out. Undeterred by the rain, JT doused a pair of wood-working goggles, strapped on his Syndicate ski and put out a massive 4@41’off, the top score of the weekend. As the finals drew on, Travers remained atop the leader-board as skier after skier failed to match his huge score. That was until fellow Syndicate teammate Will Asher stepped to the course. Blazing his own 4@41’off, Asher tied JT for the lead, forcing a run-off for the Lake 38 Pro-Am title.

After suiting back up and losing the coin-flip, Travers wowed onlookers by running a cold 39.5′ off the dock. Having not skied in over 45 minutes(5 skiers), running his 39 off pass with no warm ups stood as a tall task for Jon. However, skiing just inside of 4@41’off, ending with a runoff score of 3@10.25m,Travers showed no sign of rust. Asher, running his cold 39.5′ couldn’t quite match Travers 41’off score, conceding victory to his Syndicate teammate.

JT lake 38 champ

Congratulations to Jon Travers on the well-deserved win, Asher on his hard-fought 2nd place, and also to Stadlbaur(6th) on his big 3@41 prelim score & Matteo Luzzeri (9th) on his 5@39. Shoutout to Lake 38 on their first Pro-Am event and all who made it happen! You can check out the full Lake 38 Pro-Am webcast HERE

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