Syndicate Hilltop Pro Am & H2H challenge


The 2018 Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am kicked off bright and early Saturday at magnificent Hilltop Lake in Arlington, Washington. With the sun out, temperature mild and water bluer than you can imagine, dozens of skiers pushed themselves to test their limits in search of that elusive personal best. Pro skiers in attendance included last year’s Pro-Mens Champion Nick Adams, two-time winner Will Asher, Jon Travers, Terry Winter, Benjamin Stadlbaur, Zane Nicholson, Dave Wingerter, last year’s Pro Womens Champion Jaimee Bull and Allie Nicholson.



Eyes were on Asher, Travers & Stadlbaur as they gave onlookers a sneak peek at the upcoming 2019 Syndicate Alpha ski. With a successful summer on the developmental versions that included Pro-Am wins and podium finishes, the new production Alpha ski was ready for primetime.

The Pro format was set as a best score of 3 rounds wins, with the top 4 pro men and top 2 pro women facing off in a Head-to-Head bonus round.

Hot out of the gate, Will Asher put up a 3@41’off top score, with a backup score of 3@41’off in the second round. Jon Travers wasn’t far behind, putting up a 3@41’off of his own, backed up by a 2@41’off. Coming in 3rd place in the prelims was 2017 H2H champ Nick Adams with 2@41 and a 4@39’off backup, followed by Terry Winter with a 2@41’off and 4@39 backup.  Just edged out of the finals was Beny Stadlbaur who managed 1.5@41’off after a sick 39’off pass. Zane Nicholson started off strong with 5@39’off while Dave Wingerter rounded off the pro mens field with 2@39’off.  Also impressive in the amateur divisions were Travis Feldhanger’s big scores, running 38’off all 4 sets, finishing with 3@39.  Dave Miller put up a big score of 2.5@41’off/34mph in the MM division.

On the Womens side, Jaimee Bull claimed victory with a top score of 3@39’off, while Allie Nicholson tied her personal best with 2@39’off.


H2H bonus rounds:

#1 Will Asher vs. #4 Terry Winter:  Asher elected to go first, running 39’off while Terry Winter looked solid but skied just inside of 6@39, capping off the first matchup with 5@39, sending Asher to the final.

#2 Jon vs. #3 Nick Adams: Travers elected to start, running 2@41’off putting the pressure on Adams to beat his score to stay alive. Adams, also smashing through 39, matched JT’s score of 2@41’off, advancing Travers to the finals.

H2H Mens final: Asher vs. Travers

In a battle of the new Syndicate Alphas, Asher rode the freshly pressed stock Alpha while Travers stuck with his final shape developmental Alpha. Travers Alpha ski, had led him to the Lake 38 Pro-Am victory(just edging out Asher), and showed it’s sturdiness by bringing him midway through 41 after being run over by a golfcart. Unfortunately in the finals, though, Travers slipped up at 39’off, leaving Asher with a smooth route to victory.

H2H Womens final: #1 Bull vs. #2 Nicholson

After electing a boat/driver combo, Bull surrendered the order selection to Nicholson who then chose to start. Fighting her way through 38’off, Nicholson stunned onlookers by running 2@39’off, matching her personal best in the h2h final. Needing the get a piece of 3 ball at 39, Bull ran a solid 38 but took a little too much angle out of 2@39, popping the handle and securing victory for Nicholson.


Congratulations to all skiers who competed in this year’s event. It’s always a treat to see some of the best skiers in the world going toe-to-toe one of the best sites in the world.  Big Thanks to Gordon Skoog and the Hilltop Lake Club for hosting, all of the judges and volunteers for their hard work and Todd Aalbu/Pro-Action Physical Therapy for the continued support.

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