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Who will crank the hardest turn and load up the rope with the most pounds of tension to win the $500 bonus and bragging rights?


We’re excited to announce a $500 bonus for the skier who can pull the hardest at the Swiss Pro Slalom on May 12th and San Gervasio Pro Am on June 5-7th. Our Syndicate Knotless mainline, the exclusive rope of the events, will be hooked to a tension gauge in the preliminary rounds. The guy or girl who puts the most tension on the rope at any point in the course of the prelims will walk away with a cool $500 bucks and bragging rights as the skier with the Strongest Pull! Stay tuned on our instagram and facebook for more info!

Each of these pro events will be pulled exclusively on our Syndicate Knotless Mainline rope, guaranteed accurate and able to withstand the hardest pull without losing its precision. The Syndicate Knotless mainline is also the exclusive rope sponsor of the Travers Grand Prix, held at Jack Travers’ Sunset Lakes on May 3-4th 2019, and the HO Skis NCWSA Collegiate National Championships October 10th-12th, 2019.

About the Syndicate Knotless Mainline:

The Syndicate Knotless Mainline is just that, knotless. This means you’ll never have to smack your rope on the side of your boat to get to that line length that seems now inaccessible due to rope knot lock-up. The knotless mainline seamlessly connects on each look with itself, no knot needed. This also increases rope life, so you can enjoy one rope for much longer. Our spiral weave construction eliminates rope twist and reduces water retention. This means a lighter, less waterlogged rope that gives you the all the length you deserve each pass. The Syndicate Knotless Mainline is also GUARANTEED ACCURATE! Every section of every line is double-checked for accuracy in our Snoqualmie offices in the USA. This 80-strand pre-stretched rope is guaranteed to accurate length requirements or your money back! Lastly, it’s got a new oversized handle loop, for easy connection with all handle types and ID sleeved that indicate length from 15’off to 43’off.

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