Jaimee Bull is the real deal. Her ascent from unknown Canadian junior skier to one of the top slalom skiers in the world has been swift and efficient. Hailing from North Bay, Ontario, Canada while training at Jack Travers Ski School in Orlando, Florida and attending the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, Jaimee’s added medals, trophies and records to her resume. Now, after an epic 5@10.75m semi finals and 2.5@10.75m finals, she adds a U21 Worlds Record, U21 Canadian Record and U21 World Champion to the list.

Jaimee Bull’s Semi-Finals World Record Full set. U21 Waterski Worlds 2019

Currently riding her 66” Syndicate Alpha and Syndicate Hardshell setup, Jaimee’s skiing has progressed at a healthy rate. Since dominating the junior ranks as a champion of the Junior Masters, Junior World Championships, U17 Malibu Open and Canadian Nationals, she’s become a Collegiate National Champion (2019) and US Masters finalist. Ranked #1 in the U21 Womens Slalom division and #4 in the IWSF Elite rankings, Jaimee is no longer an up-and-comer; she’s arrived.

Jaimee Bull’s U21 Waterski World Slalom title set.

Jaimee on becoming World Champion & Record Holder:

“I’m very honoured and excited to be the 2019 U21 World Slalom Champion! When competing on behalf of your country, there is no prouder moment for an athlete than to stand on top of the podium and hear your National Anthem played at the medal ceremony. To be able to sing O Canada on home soil with the Canadian Flag beside me, made the event that much more special. Super proud to be a part of Team Canada and place a close 2nd in the Team Event.

I am very happy to have taken home gold in Women’s Slalom at the U21 World Waterski Championships. A World title is something that motivates me to train every day, as it is one of the biggest events in waterskiing. The women’s field was quite competitive, so to be able to pull through and take the win feels truly amazing. Having the World Championships in Canada, made the event even more special to me.  Being able to ski well and set at new World Championship Record and Canadian National Record at a Canadian site made the accomplishment much more meaningful, as I am extremely proud to be Canadian and represent my country.

Winning a title such as Worlds takes a huge support team and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been affiliated with HO Skis since I started my competitive career.  The entire team is always trying to help me to reach my full potential. Whether it be from an equipment perspective, coaching or even improving my mental game, the team at HO is always there to support me. Without their help, I could not be the skier that I am today. 

In the preliminary round of the tournament, I was able to break the U21 World Championship Record by running 5 buoys @ 10.75m (39.5 off).  This record was previously set by Karina Nowlan in 2008, with a score of 3 @ 10.75m. Karina was a great role model for me when I was growing up. Karina was on the HO Team alongside my older brother Jaret and she was one of the best women skiers in the world, so it was only natural that I chose to look up to Karina and now it’s really cool that our skiing has intertwined. I hope that one day, like Karina did for me, I will be able to inspire a young girl to work hard and pursue skiing in such a manner that she will be able to reach a high level of competition. 

It was great to see so many people from so many countries ski so well at the tournament and set a number of personal bests and World Championship Records.

Huge thank you to the organizers and officials for putting on such a great tournament and to everyone who has helped me to get to this point in my career!”

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