Asher wins San Gervasio Pro-Am on forthcoming 2020 Syndicate.

Asher wins San Gervasio Pro-Am on forthcoming 2020 Syndicate.

Will Asher earned his second Pro slalom victory of the season, defeating Freddie Winter in the head-to-head finals of the San Gervasio Pro-Am. Asher ran 3.5 buoys at 10.23m(41’off) in the final round, edging out Winter’s 3. The San Gervasio Pro-Am was held in San Gervasio, Italy (Jollyski) on July 5th – 7th, 2019.

Will Asher takes the 2019 San Gervasio Pro-Am title!

Building upon his his title at the Swiss Pro Slalom in May, Asher took 2nd at the 2019 Lake 38 Pro-Am and 3rd at the Fungliss Pro-Am. On June 28th at the Botaski Pro-Am in Spain, Asher put up an insane score of 1/2 buoy at 9.75m(43’off) in the preliminary round, eventually walking away with 4th in the head-to-head. One of only a few skiers ever to run the 10.25m line length(41’off) at 36mph, Asher’s chemistry and consistency on the unreleased 2020 Syndicate ski (coming August 2019…) are soaring.

“I love skiing and really enjoy the training and the challenge, so being dedicated is easy. There is nothing I would rather be doing.” -Will Asher at his home in Clermont Florida, February 2019. Photo: John Mommer
Asher enjoying the moment with his wife Nicole following his Swiss Pro-Am victory. Photo: Waterski Nation
Freddie Winter vs Will Asher, head-to-head 2019 San Gervasio Pro-Am final.

Check out the full 2019 San Gervasio Pro-Am webcast here:

Big thanks to Jollyski and the Waterski Broadcasting company for putting on such an amazing event and webcast!

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