Jon Travers becomes 2019 America’s Cup Champion

Jon Travers rode his new Syndicate Omega to victory at the 2019 Americas Cup. Jon ran 39’off/36mph, the only skier to do so in the night, to claim the title of America’s Cup Champion. Coming into the final round under the lights, Jon was tied in the 4th seed after a hard wreck in the semis. Tied yet again after running 2@41’off, JT sat behind fellow Syndicate pro Chris Parrish. Parrish ran 2@41’off en route to a silver in the Open Men division and second seed coming into the night finals.

Video courtesy Cooper Marley

JT would rally in the Americas Cup night slalom finals, stroking 39’off and running .5 buoys at 41’off to claim the giant check and bragging rights.

Travers reflected on his victory, “Winning the second America’s Cup feels amazing. To win and be the only one to run 39.5’off at night in front of the USA crowd makes it very special.”

Travers win adds another title to the growing accolades for the brand new Syndicate Omega ski design. “The Omega was designed to build more space, direction into the wakes and hold that direction off the wakes. It’s a very stable ski. I’m so happy to prove the strength of the new ski by winning the Americas Cup. It’s amazing!”, Jon Said.

Jon Travers and Zack Worden both walked away with oversized checks. Jon took 1st in pro men slalom while Zack took home 2nd in pro men jump. The two were also the Tech-controllers for the event as well as competitors.

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