Marcus Brown inducted into Collegiate Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Marcus Brown who was inducted into the NCWSA Collegiate Waterski Hall of Fame, class of 2019. Marcus skied for the Chico State Waterski Team, represented the USA at Collegiate Worlds and now partners with HO Sports to cover the Collegiate ski world through incredible video productions. We asked him to reflect on this tremendous honor:

“First off, I am completely humbled and honored to even be considered for the NCWSA Hall of Fame, let alone be an inductee.  Standing shoulder to shoulder with names like Jay Bennett, Rhoni Barton, Steve Tyler and Regina Jaquess (all legends in their own right), among others, doesn’t feel like real life to me.  So its hard for me to really pin point why I ended up in this position.

I did break a few national records, and set a few others,…but I never had the chance to actually win a National Title (team or individual).  I skied for Sacramento State and Chico State, both smaller programs….and I was always up against the best,…names like Will Asher and Chris Parrish.  

In 2011, when an injury took me off the water, I wasn’t ready to leave the sport…so I had to re-direct my focus and passion.  I guess that could be considered the start of what led to this moment.  I didn’t start making films because it was a passion, not at least at the beginning.  I picked up the camera originally, because of the deterioration of the sport of skiing…something I had witnessed first hand.  In 1987, I saw the first ever US Open in person, in conjunction with the US Nationals.  All my ski heroes skiing in one spot.  That was life changing.  9 years later, I skied my first pro event…High Point, North Carolina.  The sport was still big then…12 ProTour stops in the US and 6+ Internationally.  In 1999, when I finally made my first final, the sport was already sliding.  By 2005, when I won my first major, the Moomba Masters, the sport was a mere shadow of what it once was…even though the level of skiing on the water was getting more fierce each new year.  In 2007, 20 years after I witnessed the first ever US Open, I somehow managed to win it.  By 2011, when I was forced to the sidelines, the sport, in my eyes, was toast.  It was heart wrenching to witness…in less than 15 years, a sport that once graced all major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, Etc..), that was an exhibition sport in the 1972 Olympics, and had an incredibly rich heritage and history, had all but disappeared from the public’s eye. 

I picked up the camera because I knew someone had to show the sport the way I saw it.  The way I knew it could be shown.  The way it needed to be shown.

What I didn’t know then was that Collegiate Skiing was already becoming the new shining light in a sport that had lost its way.  8 years later, I believe Collegiate water skiing is the future of this sport.  The incredible community of young skiers that keep coming out of Collegiate skiing is unprecedented and is the only thing I see at the moment, that gives me hope that this sport (as an actual sport) will survive.

To be in the NCWSA Hall of Fame is surreal.  

I want to thank all the folks at NCWSA that volunteer their time and keep the sport alive and growing….all the teams and student athletes that give this sport a soul…and all the old timers and legends that have stuck around and shown the rest of us how to not give up on something if you truly believe in.  

Forever grateful for this award, and for an incredible community that feels like family.”


Career Highlights

  • 1998: 
    • broke a 6 way tie to set a new National slalom record
    • broke the record again at Collegiate Nationals on the Bayou in Monroe
    • 2nd at Nationals, Monroe, LA
  • 1999: 2nd at Nationals, Sacramento, CA
  • 2001: 3rd at Nationals, Tempe, AZ
  • 2002:
    • Team USA = University World Champions, Tianjin China
    • University World Slalom Champion, Tianjin, China
  • 2003:
    • All-Stars Champion and Co-Record Holder for mens slalom again, 2 @ 41
    • 2nd at Nationals, Austin, TX

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