The FlowPoint Method

The FlowPoint Method is a holistic approach to waterskiing, providing a complete toolkit of knowledge and skills to give skiers, of all levels, the best chance for success and longevity in the sport. As a member you will have the tools to train, perform and stay healthy so you can ski for the rest of your life.

As a pro skier and fitness/nutrition expert, Marcus Brown and Jenny LaBaw have put decades worth of experiences, mistakes and successes together to develop an all-encompassing ski program. This program will not only help you enhance your skiing, but also your health and hopefully, as a result, your life.

The FlowPoint Method isn’t a one and done program. It’s isn’t a quick fix. It is an evolving lifestyle approach to skiing and health that offers all the very best information currently available today, in one location. No more scouring the Internet, navigating YouTube videos or visiting endless forums. This is your one-stop shop to success on the water.


Marcus gives a quick overview of the first element of the FlowPoint Method Water Ski Pyramid:  Athletic Stance

If a skier does not achieve (or simply cannot get into the position of) Athletic Stance, they are never going to reach their potential as a skier.  It’s just that simple. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, or a Pro, this is a fundamental that should always be re-visited throughout the season, to make sure you aren’t drifting too far away from a good, Athletic Stance.

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