Jaimee Bull wins 6th Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am!

Jaimee Bull continued her stellar 2021 season with another win at the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am. With a wins at Hilltop, US Masters, Lake 38, Stillwater and 2nds at US Open & Swiss Pro; Jaimee sits firmly atop the Womens Leaderboard on the Waterski Pro Tour.

Watch the Finals of the 2021 Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am

Final Pairing at the 2021 Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am. Jaimee Bull vs. Manon Costard. Full Sunday Broadcast by TWBC

Mens Preliminary Syndicate Skiers:

Dave Wingerter, Travis Feldhanger, Benjamin Stadlbaur, Jon Travers & Chris Parrish gave it their all on Saturday’s pro mens perliminary rounds. Travers & Stadlbaur just missed the finals with 1@41’off, a buoy short of the cut while Chris Parrish ran the 2@41’off needed. but got edged out in the tie-break due to a lower backup score.

Mens Finals Syndicate Skiers:

Will Asher, Nick Adams & Rob Hazelwood represented Team Syndicate on Sunday in the Finals of the 6th Hilltop Pro-Am.

Womens Syndicate Skiers

Jill Knutson came out strong in the preliminary rounds on Saturday, forcing a run-off for the final spot in the finals with Karen Truelove
Allie Nicholson and Jaimee Bull represented Team Syndicate on Sunday in the Womens H2H finals of the 2021 Syndicate Hilltop ProAm
Full Saturday Broadcast of the 2021 Syndicate Hilltop Pro Am preliminary rounds
Full Sunday Broadcast of the 2021 Syndicate ProAm pro and amateur rounds

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