Jaimee Bull won the 2021 Waterski World Championships on Saturday, becoming the current Womens World Slalom Champion. Her amazing score of 2@41’off in the final round secured the title and broke the World Championships Record.

Jaimee edged out former world champions Regina Jaquess(4x) and Manon Costard(2019) who won silver and bronze in the 2021 Waterski World Championships.

Jaimee now stands firmly atop the Waterski Pro Tour standings after winning her first World Championships title, the US Masters, Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am, Stillwater Pro-Am, Lake 38 Pro-Am and placing 2nd at the US Open, Swiss Pro Slalom & Malibu Open.

According to longtime HO Skis poster-boy and waterski legend Wade Cox, Jaimee is the first HO Skis womens skier to ever take home a World Slalom Title. Big congratulations to Jaimee, her family, coaches and supporters. We’re stoked your hard work and dedication is paying off!

On the Mens side, Will Asher battled in a huge log-jam for the bronze medal. After running 3@41’off(10.25m) in the prelims, Asher and 6 others ran 3@41’off in the finals in a 7-way tie for 2nd. Due to a higher backup score, the silver went to Degasperi, but 5 had to run off for 3rd. Running 3@41’off in the runoff, Asher was once again tied causing a 2nd runoff. This time Asher ran 4@41’off to win the Bronze Medal. This marks Asher’s 2nd Bronze medal at a World Championships to go along with 2 Gold Medals and 3 Silver Medals from past World Championships.

Check out our recaps of the World Championships by Marcus Brown. Full video recap to come soon! Photos by John Mommer

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