Omega Max named 2021 Innovative Product of the Year!

Omega Max named 2021 Innovative Product of the Year!

March 1, 2022 Snoqualmie, WA

The Watersports Industry Association (WSIA) announced the Omega Max Series was selected as 2021 Innovative Product of the Year!
Awards were given out last weekend at the Leadership Summit in Squaw Creek, California.

Marketing Director from HO Sports John Mommer said the Omega Max program is part of HO Sports’ devotion towards environmental responsible manufacture. “We’re proud of our commitment to protecting our global playground through environmentally sustainable actions. Enjoying the outdoor environment is rooted in everything we do. We’re proud to expand our efforts toward cleaner, greener processes and products that protect the environment we live and play in. We’re committed to improving both product performance AND environmental performance through materials and manufacturing innovations. The Omega Max waterski series is a great blend of those two crucial concepts, and we’re thrilled efforts like this get recognized.”

The Omega Max series, including the Syndicate Omega Max, Carbon Omega Max & Women’s Carbon Omega Max combine HO Sports’ groundbreaking Eco-Performance Construction with an inclusive shape built for easy progression to a wide array of skiers.

The Syndicate Omega Max & Carbon Omega Max slalom waterskis are built with our proprietary Eco Performance Construction, containing 35% natural glycerin resin, a by-product of biodiesel production. This makes them quicker rebounding creating a lighter feel underfoot.

In slalom skiing, width is lift. The Omega Max shape is a wider variant of the Omega design, created to increase acceleration from turn to wakes. This allows big bodied skiers or those who prefer slower speeds to maintain enough lift and speed to ski an early tight line that would have only been achievable with a narrow bodied ski.

The Omega Max ski helped propel Adaptive Water Skier Elisha Nelson to a A2 World Slalom Record and she was named Adaptive Skier of the Year. It has also supported former Slalom World Record Holder Chris “The Tower” Parrish in his return to professional water skiing after serious neck surgery threatened his skiing career.

Elisha Nelson on her Carbon Omega Max

All in all, the Omega Max program and it’s ever progressing Eco-Performance Construction makes for a more inclusive product to get more people out on the water skiing their best on a ski that is on the forefront of responsible manufacture.

Chris Parrish and his Syndicate Omega Max

Omega Max skis are available now. Go to to see the full lineup and get yours!

To learn about more environmentally responsible HO Sports initiatives click here:

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