Jaimee Bull is the real deal. Her ascent from unknown Canadian junior skier to one of the top slalom skiers in the world has been swift and efficient. Hailing from North Bay, Ontario, Canada while training at Jack Travers Ski School in Orlando, Florida and attending the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, Jaimee’s added medals, trophies and records to her resume. Now, after an epic 5@10.75m semi finals and 2.5@10.75m finals, she adds a U21 Worlds Record, U21 Canadian Record and U21 World Champion to the list.

Jaimee Bull’s Semi-Finals World Record Full set. U21 Waterski Worlds 2019

Currently riding her 66” Syndicate Alpha and Syndicate Hardshell setup, Jaimee’s skiing has progressed at a healthy rate. Since dominating the junior ranks as a champion of the Junior Masters, Junior World Championships, U17 Malibu Open and Canadian Nationals, she’s become a Collegiate National Champion (2019) and US Masters finalist. Ranked #1 in the U21 Womens Slalom division and #4 in the IWSF Elite rankings, Jaimee is no longer an up-and-comer; she’s arrived.

Jaimee Bull’s U21 Waterski World Slalom title set.

Jaimee on becoming World Champion & Record Holder:

“I’m very honoured and excited to be the 2019 U21 World Slalom Champion! When competing on behalf of your country, there is no prouder moment for an athlete than to stand on top of the podium and hear your National Anthem played at the medal ceremony. To be able to sing O Canada on home soil with the Canadian Flag beside me, made the event that much more special. Super proud to be a part of Team Canada and place a close 2nd in the Team Event.

I am very happy to have taken home gold in Women’s Slalom at the U21 World Waterski Championships. A World title is something that motivates me to train every day, as it is one of the biggest events in waterskiing. The women’s field was quite competitive, so to be able to pull through and take the win feels truly amazing. Having the World Championships in Canada, made the event even more special to me.  Being able to ski well and set at new World Championship Record and Canadian National Record at a Canadian site made the accomplishment much more meaningful, as I am extremely proud to be Canadian and represent my country.

Winning a title such as Worlds takes a huge support team and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been affiliated with HO Skis since I started my competitive career.  The entire team is always trying to help me to reach my full potential. Whether it be from an equipment perspective, coaching or even improving my mental game, the team at HO is always there to support me. Without their help, I could not be the skier that I am today. 

In the preliminary round of the tournament, I was able to break the U21 World Championship Record by running 5 buoys @ 10.75m (39.5 off).  This record was previously set by Karina Nowlan in 2008, with a score of 3 @ 10.75m. Karina was a great role model for me when I was growing up. Karina was on the HO Team alongside my older brother Jaret and she was one of the best women skiers in the world, so it was only natural that I chose to look up to Karina and now it’s really cool that our skiing has intertwined. I hope that one day, like Karina did for me, I will be able to inspire a young girl to work hard and pursue skiing in such a manner that she will be able to reach a high level of competition. 

It was great to see so many people from so many countries ski so well at the tournament and set a number of personal bests and World Championship Records.

Huge thank you to the organizers and officials for putting on such a great tournament and to everyone who has helped me to get to this point in my career!”


(Clermont, Florida May 12th, 2019) Top Syndicate Pro Will Asher walked away with the Swiss Pro Slalom title after running 4 buoys at 41’off(10.25m) edging out fellow englishman Freddie Winter.

Straight out of the gate on Sunday, Will Asher was the man to beat having put up a best score of 4@41’off in the first preliminary round of the Swiss Pro Slalom. Asher now sits as the #1 Men’s Slalom skier in the world (according to the IWSF Elite Skier Rankings list).

Watch Will Asher’s winning finals performance, interview and podium.
Will Asher wins the 2019 Swiss Pro Slalom Waterski tournament with 4 buoys at 10.25m!!! Here’s his 10.75m pass, winning 10.25m pass and post win/podium speeches. Thanks to the Waterski Broadcasting Company for capturing such a great event in unique fashion.
Watch the full 2019 Swiss Pro Slalom webcast here.

For Complete scores from the event, Click HERE

Also skiing the event was the rest of the Syndicate Team, (from left) Chris Parrish, Will Asher, Jon Travers, Jaimee Bull and Ben Stadlbaur. Not pictured Syndicate participants include Allie Nicholson, Zane Nicholson & Jack Christie.

On the women’s side, Jaimee Bull walked away with a solid 4th place finish, running 2@10.75 in the finals. For more info on the event, check out swissproslalom.com!


Tune in to Swissproslalom.com/live to follow the action Sunday May 12th starting at 8am EST. Click HERE
Who will crank the hardest turn and load up the rope with the most pounds of tension to win the $500 bonus and bragging rights?


We’re excited to announce a $500 bonus for the skier who can pull the hardest at the Swiss Pro Slalom on May 12th and San Gervasio Pro Am on June 5-7th. Our Syndicate Knotless mainline, the exclusive rope of the events, will be hooked to a tension gauge in the preliminary rounds. The guy or girl who puts the most tension on the rope at any point in the course of the prelims will walk away with a cool $500 bucks and bragging rights as the skier with the Strongest Pull! Stay tuned on our instagram and facebook for more info!

Each of these pro events will be pulled exclusively on our Syndicate Knotless Mainline rope, guaranteed accurate and able to withstand the hardest pull without losing its precision. The Syndicate Knotless mainline is also the exclusive rope sponsor of the Travers Grand Prix, held at Jack Travers’ Sunset Lakes on May 3-4th 2019, and the HO Skis NCWSA Collegiate National Championships October 10th-12th, 2019.

About the Syndicate Knotless Mainline:

The Syndicate Knotless Mainline is just that, knotless. This means you’ll never have to smack your rope on the side of your boat to get to that line length that seems now inaccessible due to rope knot lock-up. The knotless mainline seamlessly connects on each look with itself, no knot needed. This also increases rope life, so you can enjoy one rope for much longer. Our spiral weave construction eliminates rope twist and reduces water retention. This means a lighter, less waterlogged rope that gives you the all the length you deserve each pass. The Syndicate Knotless Mainline is also GUARANTEED ACCURATE! Every section of every line is double-checked for accuracy in our Snoqualmie offices in the USA. This 80-strand pre-stretched rope is guaranteed to accurate length requirements or your money back! Lastly, it’s got a new oversized handle loop, for easy connection with all handle types and ID sleeved that indicate length from 15’off to 43’off.

Get yours at:

Chris Parrish, Welcome to The Syndicate!

Chris Parrish, Welcome to The Syndicate!

We’re proud to welcome Chris “The Tower” Parrish to the Syndicate team. One of the most dominant athletes ever to ride a slalom ski, his enthusiasm for progression and passion for the sport itself is palpable. Parrish aka “CP” aka “The Tower” aka “Pickleman”, looks forward to a strong return to the pro scene “With HO’s relentless pursuit of perfection and quality, I never have to second guess if I’m utilizing my talent to the fullest.”

Parrish locks up his new Syndicate at Jack Travers’ Sunset Lakes, just before 2019 Shreducation.

If you’re a waterskier and someway/somehow don’t know Mr. Parrish, here’s a handful of his career pro slalom highlights: 3x World Record Holder, 5x Moomba Masters Champion, 2x US Open Champion, 2x US Masters Champion. From the ripe age 15, Parrish was a competitive force on the pro tour.

In 2005, he became a THE premiere skier in the world, winning the US Masters, US Open, Malibu Open, Diablo ProAM, Orlando BS Pro, Kaiafas Cup en route to claiming the #1 World Ranking spot from his friend and hero Andy Mapple. From 2006 through 2013, CP remained in the top 10, reaching #1 again in 2009.

So what explains why one of the most gifted and recognizable skiers’ absence on the pro scene of late? “I just needed to stay away for a bit. When I got really injured and Andy passed away just after that, it took a big toll on me. I had neck surgery, came back and had one of my most consistent seasons in a long time. (reaching #6 in 2015). At the end of that season I was dropped by my long-time sponsor Nautique. I was again, completely devastated and just needed to step away.”

What does the future hold for CP? What explains the CP/HO pairing?

“Now I’m looking forward to a great season and can’t be more thankful and excited to be a part of such a strong brand like HO. The timing couldn’t be any better. I’m a very self competitive person and have waterskied all my life. How could I not want to be back in the game?”

Chris joins an absolutely stacked ski team featuring active pro skiers Will Asher, Jon Travers, Nick Adams, Benjamin Stadlbaur, Matteo Luzzeri, Jaimee Bull, Zane & Allie Nicholson, Rob Hazelwood, Geena Krueger and many more. [click here for the full Syndicate team] CP’s knowledge and experience with ski design fits perfectly with the Syndicate Pro team as well as it’s legends & designers like Bob Lapoint, Wade Cox, Jack Travers, Marcus Brown & Dave Wingerter.

Photos/Words/Video: ©  John Mommer

Youngblood Rising: Learn the name Rob Hazelwood


This past weekend, Syndicate Skier Rob Hazelwood tied the long standing British U21 Mens Slalom record with a score of 3 buoys at 41’off / 36mph (10.25 meters / 58k).

Prior to his record set at Lago Valle Maipo, Chile, Rob felt hyper confident on his Syndicate PRO and new Syndicate Hardshell boot,”It’s an awesome set up and has changed my off side forever! Just yesterday we had a tournament and got a 2@41 on the pro and feel dialed in.”  I’m getting back to being super comfortable on the PRO again and got a 1@41 today at another site which is good for confidence and another round tomorrow.”

Adding to the significance, Rob’s personal best/record effort, the U21 British Slalom record had been long held by his cousin and fellow Syndicate teammate Will Asher. Asher shared a few words on his cousin’s accomplishment, “At the 2003 World U21 Championships in Santiago, Chile I got the 3@41 record. 16 years later my youngest cousin shares the record with me…it’s pretty surreal. To say I’m proud is an understatement. I don’t get to ski with him often, but when I do his hunger for the sport is clear. I’m looking forward to learning from him and sharing experiences.”

About Rob:

Rob Hazelwood has the ski fire in his blood. Born & raised in England, Rob is the latest edition of the Asher/Hazelwood ski dynasty, that produced to Syndicate Pro Will Asher, Tom Asher, ski legend Mike Hazelwood and many more super skiers. First on the water at the ripe age of 2, Rob has taken advantage of every opportunity for ski sets he can get. Famous for his quick succession by becoming the U12 and U17 British slalom record holder, 2016 Junior World Slalom Champion, taking 2nd at 2015 junior Masters, winning u21 at Rob is infamous around his home lake for hogging water-time. Stepping into the pro scene, Rob is already running into 41’off/36mph and jumping well over 200ft. Judging based on his intrinsic drive and talent, it’s not a question of IF Rob becomes a dominant force in Pros, but WHEN.

You can see more on his Syndicate Team page at https://www.hosports.com/skier/C9VzZw6eDO


Unfortunately a day or two after his record, Rob crashed while turning 3@41’off in practice suffering a serious forearm injury, requiring surgery. We wish Rob luck in his recovery. As driven as he is, we have no doubt he’ll be charging back up the ranks before long.

Syndicate Hilltop Pro Am & H2H challenge


The 2018 Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am kicked off bright and early Saturday at magnificent Hilltop Lake in Arlington, Washington. With the sun out, temperature mild and water bluer than you can imagine, dozens of skiers pushed themselves to test their limits in search of that elusive personal best. Pro skiers in attendance included last year’s Pro-Mens Champion Nick Adams, two-time winner Will Asher, Jon Travers, Terry Winter, Benjamin Stadlbaur, Zane Nicholson, Dave Wingerter, last year’s Pro Womens Champion Jaimee Bull and Allie Nicholson.



Eyes were on Asher, Travers & Stadlbaur as they gave onlookers a sneak peek at the upcoming 2019 Syndicate Alpha ski. With a successful summer on the developmental versions that included Pro-Am wins and podium finishes, the new production Alpha ski was ready for primetime.

The Pro format was set as a best score of 3 rounds wins, with the top 4 pro men and top 2 pro women facing off in a Head-to-Head bonus round.

Hot out of the gate, Will Asher put up a 3@41’off top score, with a backup score of 3@41’off in the second round. Jon Travers wasn’t far behind, putting up a 3@41’off of his own, backed up by a 2@41’off. Coming in 3rd place in the prelims was 2017 H2H champ Nick Adams with 2@41 and a 4@39’off backup, followed by Terry Winter with a 2@41’off and 4@39 backup.  Just edged out of the finals was Beny Stadlbaur who managed 1.5@41’off after a sick 39’off pass. Zane Nicholson started off strong with 5@39’off while Dave Wingerter rounded off the pro mens field with 2@39’off.  Also impressive in the amateur divisions were Travis Feldhanger’s big scores, running 38’off all 4 sets, finishing with 3@39.  Dave Miller put up a big score of 2.5@41’off/34mph in the MM division.

On the Womens side, Jaimee Bull claimed victory with a top score of 3@39’off, while Allie Nicholson tied her personal best with 2@39’off.


H2H bonus rounds:

#1 Will Asher vs. #4 Terry Winter:  Asher elected to go first, running 39’off while Terry Winter looked solid but skied just inside of 6@39, capping off the first matchup with 5@39, sending Asher to the final.

#2 Jon vs. #3 Nick Adams: Travers elected to start, running 2@41’off putting the pressure on Adams to beat his score to stay alive. Adams, also smashing through 39, matched JT’s score of 2@41’off, advancing Travers to the finals.

H2H Mens final: Asher vs. Travers

In a battle of the new Syndicate Alphas, Asher rode the freshly pressed stock Alpha while Travers stuck with his final shape developmental Alpha. Travers Alpha ski, had led him to the Lake 38 Pro-Am victory(just edging out Asher), and showed it’s sturdiness by bringing him midway through 41 after being run over by a golfcart. Unfortunately in the finals, though, Travers slipped up at 39’off, leaving Asher with a smooth route to victory.

H2H Womens final: #1 Bull vs. #2 Nicholson

After electing a boat/driver combo, Bull surrendered the order selection to Nicholson who then chose to start. Fighting her way through 38’off, Nicholson stunned onlookers by running 2@39’off, matching her personal best in the h2h final. Needing the get a piece of 3 ball at 39, Bull ran a solid 38 but took a little too much angle out of 2@39, popping the handle and securing victory for Nicholson.


Congratulations to all skiers who competed in this year’s event. It’s always a treat to see some of the best skiers in the world going toe-to-toe one of the best sites in the world.  Big Thanks to Gordon Skoog and the Hilltop Lake Club for hosting, all of the judges and volunteers for their hard work and Todd Aalbu/Pro-Action Physical Therapy for the continued support.

Ski with Waterski Legend and Hall-of-famer Wade Cox!

Wade Cox coaching tour dates announced! 07_HO_Cox_Monza5

Wade Cox has announced his 2018 Ski with Wade Tour, kicking off May 14th. This is your chance to ski with one of the winningest waterski pros of all-time with 47 pro victories. Sign up for a spot in his traveling coaching tour and get one-on-one instruction from the three time US Masters Champion turned well respected coach. Wade brings his decades of skiing and coaching experience with a unique perspective to a lake near you. A long time HO Skis posterboy, Wade will help you get your gear dialed, provide tips to get you to the next level and tell stories from his tour years that you’ll never forget. Space is limited, sign up now. (instructions after tour dates list below).


2018 Ski With WADE Tour Dates:

2018 SKI With WADE Tour

July 8. Arvin CA
July 9. Arvin CA
July 10. Redwood Shores CA
July 11. Mint Lake WA
July 12. No Name Lake OR
July 13. Winlock Lake WA
July 15. Eastern WA
July 16. Spokane WA
July 18. Logan Utah
July 19. Southern Idaho

July 30. Future Champs TLE
July 31. Future Champs TLE
Aug 1. Future Champs TLE
Aug 2. Boaters Choice MI
Aug 3. Traverse City MI
Aug 4. MSU Ski Team
Aug 6. Des Moines Iowa

Sign up by contacting Wade via:  Skiwithwade@gmail.com


Jon Travers wins Lake 38 Pro-Am after running 4@41 in the rain!

Jon Travers wins Lake 38 Pro-Am after running 4@41 in the rain!

The first annual Lake 38 Pro-Am, held outside of Talahassee, FL on June 9 -10th was the stage for an epic slalom battle between two top Syndicate pro skiers: Jon Travers & Will Asher. Coming into the finals,Travers had two rounds of 2@41’off/36mph under his belt in Saturday’s preliminary rounds. His scores propelled him in joining fellow Syndicate teammates Beny Stadlbaur & Will Asher who along with 3 other skiers ran 3@41’off going into the 8-man final round on Sunday. Unlucky for Jon, the early finals seeds faced heavy rain that tapered off as the finals drew out. Undeterred by the rain, JT doused a pair of wood-working goggles, strapped on his Syndicate ski and put out a massive 4@41’off, the top score of the weekend. As the finals drew on, Travers remained atop the leader-board as skier after skier failed to match his huge score. That was until fellow Syndicate teammate Will Asher stepped to the course. Blazing his own 4@41’off, Asher tied JT for the lead, forcing a run-off for the Lake 38 Pro-Am title.

After suiting back up and losing the coin-flip, Travers wowed onlookers by running a cold 39.5′ off the dock. Having not skied in over 45 minutes(5 skiers), running his 39 off pass with no warm ups stood as a tall task for Jon. However, skiing just inside of 4@41’off, ending with a runoff score of 3@10.25m,Travers showed no sign of rust. Asher, running his cold 39.5′ couldn’t quite match Travers 41’off score, conceding victory to his Syndicate teammate.

JT lake 38 champ

Congratulations to Jon Travers on the well-deserved win, Asher on his hard-fought 2nd place, and also to Stadlbaur(6th) on his big 3@41 prelim score & Matteo Luzzeri (9th) on his 5@39. Shoutout to Lake 38 on their first Pro-Am event and all who made it happen! You can check out the full Lake 38 Pro-Am webcast HERE

Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am Dates Announced!

Syndicate Hilltop ProAm LogoSyndicate Hilltop Pro-Am Dates Announced!

The Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am, a 2-day 4-round record slalom tournament capped off with a Head-to-Head Pro final will celebrate it’s 3rd year on August 4th and 5th, 2018. Held at the immaculate Hilltop Lake in Arlington, Washington, the event offers pro skiers a shot at a $10,000 prize purse at a venue capable of producing world record scores. In the record rounds, amateurs share the dock with pros, skiing for personal bests and HO gear at the heavily tree protected blue waters of Hilltop.

Check out our recap of the Syndicate Hilltop 2017 Action:

Last year, Nick Adams took home the crown after hard fought head-to-head matchups, defeating the likes of both Jon Travers and Will Asher, while Jaimee Bull took home the pro womens victory.

Amateurs can find more information and enter HERE and HERE

Pros can enter by contacting Shannon Strickland at hilltopproam@gmail.com. All Pros welcome to compete.