Learn how to Waterski with Ski Legend Wade Cox!

How to Waterski: Waterskiing made simple. Free DIY Waterski Instructional!
Waterskiing is a great sport for the whole family.In this video, waterski legend Wade Cox walks you through a simple instructional of how to get started skiing.  Now everyone from small children to grampa can learn the fundamentals of waterskiing and waterski coaching.  Check out www.hosports.com/learn2waterski for even more tips on how to make skiing fun, easy and safe.

Throwback: Flowpoint Episode 1 Extended: Lake Powell

Throwback: Flowpoint Episode 1 Extended: Lake Powell

In 2013 we embarked on an incredible journey. The only goal was to revisit what got us hooked on waterskiing in the first place. With that in mind, we gathered a group of fun loving friends, (from waterskiing to CrossFit to film production), rented a house-boat and embarked on an adventure of a lifetime at Lake Powell in the southern Utah area. Here’s a throwback to the trip that started it all.

Wade Cox dockside tour dates announced, Masters Podcast & lakeside podcast.

Wade Cox dockside tour dates announced, Masters Podcast & lakeside podcast.

HO Skis Coach and ski legend Wade Cox has announced the dates to his dockside tour, where he’ll be spreading his ski knowledge around the country at dozens of home-lakes as well as a self-titled grassroots event featuring Jon Travers. Check out dates and contact at the bottom of the blog.

Wade sat down with fellow Syndicate Team Coach Marcus Brown at the US Masters to talk about…the US Masters. Get his take on this prestigious event!

We got wade going on a few behind the scenes stories from his days on tour. If you’ve ever spent time with Wade, there’s no doubt you’ve heard one of these. Enjoy!

2017 Wade Cox Dockside Clinic Tour

June 5 Cincinnati, Ohio
June 6 Cincinnati, Ohio
June 7 Cincinnati, Ohio
June 8 The Liquid Edge, coque samsung a8 2018 Illinois
June 9 The Liquid Edge, Illinois

June 10-11 Wade Cox Liquid Edge Open

June 12-15 The Liquid Edge Pro Kids​ Camp

June 22 Wilmington, Delaware
June 23 Pittsford, NY
June 26 Ogdensburg, NY
June 27 Lake Placid, NY
June 28 Avon, Coque huawei Outlet CT

July 10 Maytown Lake, Coque huawei Soldes WA
July 11 Maytown Lake WA
July 12 Spokane, Coque huawei P20 WA
July 13 Salt Lake City, UT
July 14 Salt Lake City, UT
July 16 Sacramento CA
July 17 Sacramento, coque huawei pas cher CA

July 28 Russell Marine, Alabama
July 29 Russell Marine, Alabama
July 31 Cincinnati Ohio

August 1 Cincinnati Ohio
August 2 Indianapolis, IN
August 3 The Liquid Edge Illinois
August 4 The Liquid Edge Illinois
August 5 The Liquid Edge Illinois
August 6 St Louis, Missouri
August 7 Kansas City, Missouri

August 9-12 US Nationals

To get involved,

Nick Adams Dares, Wins Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am H2H finals

Nick Adams Dares, Wins Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am H2H finals

The immaculate Hilltop Lake in Arlington, Washington was the stage of a beautiful blue-bird weekend of skiing and fun that saw skiers of all ages push themselves to new heights. This 4 round class R event had beginner and intermediate skiers sharing the dock with some of the world’s top professional slalom skiers. To kick it off, on Friday and Saturday evenings, skiers took the opportunity to get a first look at the new Syndicate PRO ski and even had a chance to ride the all new model in a 66” for themselves. On Sunday, 3 of the world’s top skiers would face-off on the new design giving spectators one heck of a show.

Nick Adams Dares, Wins

Nick Adams Dares, Wins

39’s were dropping like flies. Coque huawei Outlet Leading up to the 4-man pro bracket, Will Asher, Jon Travers and Adams looked strong in the early going on their new Syndicate PRO skis, missing no 39.5’off passes all weekend.

“I’ve never ran so many 39’s in a row in my life!”, harped Jon Travers. All in all, he, Asher and Adams ran six 39s each with no failed attempts. The finals would be no different. While Travers continued the impressive streak of vanquished 39s, his 2@41 wasn’t quite enough to stay ahead of Nick Adams who stretched past him with 3 to advance and meet 2015 & 2016 Hilltop Pro-Am Champion Will Asher in the final. Electing to go out second, Asher left the decision to choose starting rope length to Adams who chose to run down the entire rope from 32’off, giving the two a potential tailwind 41’off pass. Coque pour Huawei A bold move after all of the earlier shortline ski sets (their 5th in 2 days) with the wind picking up, Adams & Asher ran their 39.5’off pass beautifully setting up the 41-tail we’d all been waiting for. Unfazed, Adams had an excellent start to 41, getting pushed down course slightly but maintained angle enough to stretch his ski outside of 3-ball in a daring display of #WhoDaresWins. offre Coque Huawei With soaring confidence from his first 3 set scores of 3@41, 4.5@41, and 3@41 Asher faced a tricky start, seemingly picking up a little too much speed coming into 1, managing to recover and make it around 2 but not quite enough to get out past 3, surrendering victory to Mr. Adams.

Nick Adams reigned supreme at the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am, taking home 4k and besting team-mates Will Asher(2nd) and Jon Travers(3rd)

Nick Adams reigned supreme at the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am, taking home $4k and besting team-mates Will Asher(2nd) and Jon Travers(3rd)

Motivated further, Asher and Travers strapped their Syndicate PROs back on for one more record set. Displaying his ability and trademark quickness, Jon Travers continued to make 39.5” off look routine. His final round score of 3@41, matched his day 1 score although onlookers seemed certain he’d run it based on his easy 39s and extremely solid starts at 41. Asher employed his signature onside turns, ripping powerfully through 41’off all the way to just inside of 6-ball, giving him 5@41’off the top score on the weekend to end on a high note.

Also notable on the weekend was young-gun Jaimee Bull’s stellar skiing on the Syndicate PRO in the Pro Womens division. Jaimee continued to transcend from up-and-comer to contender by eclipsing 38’off in all 4 rounds at Hilltop, ultimately ending with 2@39.5”off as Pro Women’s Champion.

Nick Adams with his new Syndicate Pro

After the event concluded, we asked the new champion Nick Adams for his final thoughts on the event:

HO: What are your takeaways from the weekend.

Adams: I get to ski a lot of sites all over the world and this place still is one of my favorites on the calendar. Coque pour Huawei The people, the skiers, are what makes this event for me. Everyone that was there, really loves to ski, and that creates a supportive environment for skiers to do their best. At the end of the day, we’re all there to compete, but I really got the sense that everyone wanted to see each other ski their best.

HO: Run through the Head-to-Head Pro Finals. What was going through your mind?

Adams: I didn’t want to shy away for the opportunity that presented itself. Everyday that I go out and ski, I’m trying to train for the chances like that. I had it in my mind all weekend, I wanted to be the best I could be when it was time to go on Sunday. coque samsung a8 2018 I’m super thankful for the team I have around me; family, sponsors, and training crew to get me ready to be where I needed to be for the weekend. I just need to continue to build from it and keep learning. I know I always want to work to improve myself as a skier.

HO: Any other thoughts?

Adams: I cannot thank all the judges and officials enough. The tournament does not run without them.

HO Kneeboard & Wake Team release Epic Edit

HO Kneeboard & Wake Team release epic edit:

The HO Kneeboard Team is a diverse beast. This year Aussie exports Stephen Hausler Not only did they put on a show at the Riders Cup, the boys got together to ride and shoot film, giving us a view of the biggest tricks and freshest style around.



Syndicate Hilltop ProAm Logo

HO Skis is proud to announce the Syndicate Hilltop Pro-Am, a 4-round record cash-prize slalom tournament held at Hilltop Lake in Arlington, Washington on June 24-25th. Home of HO Syndicate ski testing and development, Hilltop Lake is a beautiful site that offers conditions capable of huge scores and personal bests. With a $10,000 purse, the world-record capable event attracts top skiers from around the world including last year’s Hilltop Pro-Am champion, Will Asher.

At the event, HO Skis will unveil the new 2018 Syndicate ski model, HO’s highest level slalom ski shape to date. Friday and Saturday evenings, time permitting, select sizes of the new Syndicate ski will be available for demo.

Hilltop Lake

Hilltop Lake

Check out the beautiful lake hilltop in the 2017 Syndicate Who Dares Wins teaser video:

Event is open to skiers of all levels, but spots are limited so enter now!

To enter, Click HERE to enter Saturday, Click HERE to enter Sunday.

The Syndicate Hilltop Pro Am is proudly sponsored by HO Sports,

Matteo Luzzeri: Waterskiing’s Bobby Fischer?

Matteo Luzzeri: Waterskiing’s Bobby Fischer?

Italian pro skier and sports psychology PhD student Matteo Luzzeri spoke with MB about waterskiing, life, athlete mentality and more.

“We get to talk about youth and teen skiing (and sports in general) and maybe some of the things you can do as a child (and parent) to stay stoked on life and keep from getting burned out. We want people to stay in water sports for life, so we cover some things that might help kids and parents keep things from getting too serious, too early on.

Matteo is smart, much smarter than I am…but he has a great ability to keep complex concepts simple, so everyone can understand. So, he may end up being our “FlowPoint Professor” and we might have him on here every couple months.” -MB

For your further enjoyment,

Wade Cox Flowpoint Podcast

HO Waterski Legend Wade Cox discusses waterskiing, it’s origins in his life, where he’s at now and what he’s got in store.

Wade Cox crushing a turn on the HO Syndicate Monza

Wade Cox crushing a turn on the HO Syndicate Monza

Wade Cox is one of the greatest water skiers of all time. He became the youngest skier to ever win a Pro Event, and held that honor for over 2 decades. Wade has been involved with HO Skis for 30 years, and continues to teach and coach water skiing at the Orlando Water Sports complex, as well as traveling clinics around the country.  We got to discuss everything from how he got his start in the sport,