MAX Boot Instructions

How to Install your MAX Boots

Just follow three simple steps for correctly mounting your MAX boots to your waterski. For the complete set of instructions, as well as, information on your lace management system, click the link below.

MAX Boot Manual

MAX Adapter Plate

How to install your MAX Adapter Plate

The HO MAX Adapter Plate Kit allows the user to convert a DirectConnect skiboot for use on a conventional hole pattern ski. MAX SkiBoot Adapter Plate kits are designed to work with freeMAX and xMAX boots ONLY. Ensure you have the correct size plate {size 4-8,size 7-11,or size 10-15) that matches with the size of boot that you have. Ensure that you have the correct plate type (front or rear) for the location you are installing the boot.

Find complete instrtuctions here: Installing MAX Adapter Plate.

Lace Replacement Kit

How to use your lace replacement kit

1. Measure the old lace for proper length and trim the replacement lace to the same length.
2. If replacing upper zone lace or vMAX lace,first thread lace through lace snap.The next step for any HO MAX SkiBoot lace is to thread the lace through the lace lock.Thread lace through lace guides on boot.Thread ends of lace through lace splice.
3. Tie off ends of lace with secure knots.

Find complete instrtuctions here: Assembling Lace Replacement Kit.